Our Story

Nowadays, our company’s activities are working in different fields. SabaSky is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of expandable trailer and transportable unit structures with clinic, hospital, medical, and government applications. We have been producing them in different models such as double-expandable trailers, double-expandable Containers, and 3 in 1 expandable container.

These units which have been made by us are mobile medical units combined to form larger hospital facilities that can provide on-site medical treatment during natural disasters and civil unrest.  It will be a hospital on wheels in any emergency conditions.

SabaSky medical trailers and containers are modular steel structures that can be combined in various configurations depending on requirements to form a mobile hospital.

Mobile field hospitals combine mobile medical trailers and containers with tent shelters, enabling full mobile medical care and a larger healthcare system for world governments,  and peacekeeping organizations.

Tent shelters can connect the containers and the trailers comprising the mobile hospital, providing it with a larger space for medical equipment, waiting rooms, or any other part that requires a larger area according to the conditions.

SabaSky also manufactures infrastructures complementary to the hospital on wheels; such as standalone mobile solutions for mobile housing, container housing, portable showers, portable laundry, mobile kitchens, dining hall tents, and portable water filtration. All are built with expandable containers in various configurations such as double expandable with two expandable boxes or 4 expandable boxes that can provide up to 56 free and useful spaces and are transportable almost everywhere by themselves.
In times of crisis (natural or artificial), there is a need for medical units such as the ones of SabaSky.
SabaSky medical trailers are easily deployable medical units that can perform sensitive medical treatments as soon as possible to save people’s lives. It can also provide various special and standard services for infectious diseases all the way to dental services.

SabaSky’s mobile hospital contains surgical equipment and a surgery room with a capacity of 4 surgeries a day at minimum, enough beds to hold 60 patients and they are capable of storing supplies for up to 60 days.
These units are consisted of several expandable treatments room, along with corridor units and utilities. Various services are offered in treatment units such as X-ray, surgery, dental, sterilization, and intensive-care units (ICU).

All the facility is bleachable, and individual strategies have been taken to ensure environmental hygiene. All the expandable and utility units may inter-link one another using corridor units or tent-made rooms to expand the area and finally form a self-contained, self-sufficient health care facility.