Karbala Mobile Hospital 

Karbala Hospital was designed and manufactured by the SabaPalaye Co. This 128-bed hospital consists of patient wards, ORs, emergency departments, and outpatient clinics.

This project utilizes 25 trailers of several kinds: expandable and non-expandable and corridor trailers. The corridors are the connecting means of the other units and connect all of the components of this system. The availability of service trailers of many kinds such as toilets, restaurants, and doctors’ sleeping and rest facilities make this establishment self-sufficient and independent of the external world. The designing and manufacturing of this project took 18 months.

This hospital was put to use in the Arbaein of 2019 in the holy Karbala and performed excellently in handling the load of patients and providing health services to the pilgrims. This 128-bed hospital was deployed in a matter of 7 days. This establishment and similar projects come in handy in similar big gatherings and may be utilized to provide medical care and other useful services.