EHSAN Mobile Hospital

The biggest mobile hospital in Iran to that date, the project of EHSAN mobile hospital was unique in many way. Having all the conventional units and facilities of a standard hospital (and even more), this hospital can be dispatched and deployed at any location within 3 days.

Ehsan mobile hospital was ordered by the “EHSAN foundation” and designed with the capacity for 100 beds, 2 operation rooms, labor, sonography and imaging, mammography, ER, pharmacy, and all the equipment of a high-end hospital.

“Given the fact that our country is among 10 disaster-prone countries in the world, it is essential that we have advanced and portable facilities to promptly provide our citizens with medical help” said the head of the “Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order” at the time, during the inauguration ceremony of EHSAN mobile hospital, “many of the designs and equipment utilized in this project are unique and patentable; our young and elite engineers have put a lot of effort into it.” he added.

In addition, equipped with the proper communication gear, EHSAN mobile hospital can utilize telemedicine and receive specialized medical services from the mother hospital, bringing the most advanced healthcare services to the most remote and distressed areas.

This mobile complex consists of 22 trailers and takes up an area of 3000 square meters to deploy. It can fully operate for 4 days without any need to electricity and recharge, making it even more portable and enduring in times of natural disasters like earthquakes or floods.

EHSAN mobile hospital proved its worth during the pandemic of covid19, where it helped in managing the patients and even vaccination, both in high population areas where hospitals were running at full capacity, and remote areas with little healthcare access.

According to managing director of “EHSAN foundation”,  during the peak of covid19 outbreak and while Tehran was in red status, a small part of this complex, with capacity of 16 beds, was deployed adjacent to the Milad hospital in Tehran, in order to assist the local personnel in managing the patients.

A bigger portion, with capacity of 28 beds, was dispatched to the remote areas in Sistan and Balochistan Province by “EHSAN foundation”, and was inaugurated in Zahedan in the summer of 1400 (2021). According to Alireza Rashki, the chief executive officer of EIKO in Sistan and Balochistan Province: “With capacity of 28 beds and Remdesivir-threapy of 200 Covid19 patients per day, this EHSAN mobile hospital has been inaugurated in Zahedan in order to improve the healthcare service  and help with the bed shortage in our province ”

Some of the main features of EHSAN mobile hospital:

  1. 100 beds
  2. 2 ORs
  3. Labor and neonatal care
  4. Imaging, Sonography, mammography, etc.
  5. ER
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Flexible and fast deployment
  8. Ability to operate without electricity for 4 days
  9. Telemedicine